On Premise Integrations

Arnica provides 2 deployment options for on-premise SCMs.


Customers with on-premise SCM deployments that can allow network traffic between Arnica's SOC2 Type 2 certified environment and the SCMs can use this option.

Ingress traffic

Arnica ingests data from SCMs via API and git commands - all over TLS 1.2 and above. The following source IP addresses need to be able accessing the SCMs:

Egress traffic

In order to enable real-time scanning capabilities, all traffic to https://api.app.arnica.io/ needs to be allowed over TLS 1.2 and above.
For more information about how Arnica handles your data, please visit the Data Handling page.


Arnica supports a full managed on-premise deployment on Amazon Web Services. Please contact us for more information.