GitHub Audit Logs

This article explains how to extract the Audit Log from GitHub for organizations without enterprise plan and import into Arnica


The assessment of excessive permissions to GitHub requires full visibility into all activity in the organization. However, the GitHub Audit API is available only for organizations with enterprise plan.

Follow the steps in this article to get the full benefits of organization with an enterprise plan.

Export Audit Log

  1. Navigate to the following audit trail page by replacing your organization name with ORG_SLUG: If you have access to the organization's audit log, the top of the page should be similar to the screenshot below.

Otherwise, if you are not authorized, a page with the status code 404 will appear instead. In this case, ask an authorized user in your organization to follow this article.

  1. Click on Export and select the JSON export format. It may take a few seconds to generate the file and download it.

Upload the file to Arnica

The file upload functionality is visible only if at least one GitHub organization with a non-enterprise plan is integrated.

The message below is presented in the Risks and Inventory pages if the last event is older than 7 days.

Audit logs can be added from the Integrations page under the Admin section.

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