๐Ÿซ‚How do I invite members to my tenant?

This article explains how to add members to your Arnica tenant.


Arnica allows you to collaborate with additional counterparts in the same tenant. Each tenant is scoped to your integrations, data, and any selected actions.


  1. Login to Arnica.

  2. Navigate to the Users and Roles page in the Admin menu section.

  3. Enter the emails of the members and click on Add.

  4. Each of the invited members will receive an invitation email to your tenant.

  5. Upon receiving the invitation, the members will need to follow the link to sign up. Upon completion of the process, the members will be able to see all applicable tenant data.

Supported Permissions

Owners can invite additional members, which can perform any administrative tasks except inviting additional members.

User membership in tenants

Arnica users can be assigned to a single tenant. Users in other tenants can leave the tenant by clicking on the top right Profile Menu, then on Edit Account, and click on Leave.

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