Arnica Billing FAQs

How does Arnica billing work?

All Arnica plans include a 1 year service term. At signup you will be billed for the first billing term of your plan. This will include billing for a full month if you have signed up for monthly billing, or the full year if you have signed up for an annual plan. Each successive month will be billed as follows: Billing for the Monthly Plan: Billing for the first month of Arnica will be processed at the time of account creation. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, Arnica will automatically bill for the following month with an adjusted Identity count. This count will be equal to the highest daily identity count from the prior month. This ensures that your Arnica environment scales with your business and will be adjusted up or down with size of your organization. The exact billing date for your org will be defined by the date of sign-up.

Billing for the Annual Plan: For Arnica annual plans, the entire yearโ€™s bill is paid upfront based on the initial identity count. As the number of identities can grow over the year, the annual plan includes monthly true ups. This true-up will use the highest daily identity count from the prior month and will update your bill for the remainder of the year. As the identity count grows, prorated bills for the identity growth will be sent monthly, scaling with the growth of your business.

What if I change my plan?

Upgrading or editing your plan can be done at any time within the account settings page. Your annual service contract can be canceled at any time 30 days prior to the end of your current annual service term. If you choose to terminate your service contract, your plan access and billing will continue as usual until the end of the service term, at which time your contract will not be auto renewed, and your plan will switch to the free tier.

What if I want to add more repositories to my account?

Arnica makes adding new orgs and repos as easy as adding the first. Within the integrations page, orgs can be added or removed at any time. The new orgs will be active immediately, and in the next billing cycle, their identities will be seamlessly included in the updated identity count. Risks associated with the new integration will be visible after the first job is completed, or the following day after the daily analysis.

What if I want to remove and org from Arnica?

Orgs can be removed from Arnica at any time through the integrations page. As Identity counts are managed based on the highest daily count each month, the next monthโ€™s bill will include the entities from the removed org, but each following month will exclude them from the billing count. Tip: removing your org at the end of the month will maximize your value within Arnica.

Do I need a credit card for the Free 14-Day Trial?

No. There are no hidden clauses, no strings attached. You won't be signed up automatically at the end of your trial. At the end of the 14-day Trial, you will be moved to the Free account version, and given the option to upgrade.

What happens if I want to cancel my service contract?

Service cancellations must be completed 30 days prior to the automatic renewal date. When your cancellation is processed, your account will no longer be auto renewed. You will retain access to the Arnica tier you have paid for until the end of your existing service contract.

Are the yearly plans cheaper?

Yes! We appreciate our loyal customers and reward them with a discounted price on their annual plans. For each Arnica tier, the annual plan offers a nearly 17% discount from a monthly plan. Prices can be seen on the Arnica pricing page.

Can I upgrade my plan after signing up?

Yes. You can upgrade your plan at any time within the app by visiting the account management page within the admin section.

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