New User Invitations

Users can be added to your Arnica organization using the Users and Roles page. Simply add the user's email within the "Add Users" section, and click Add. The email entered in the invitation page will be associated with all activity within Arnica including mitigation activity and logged admin actions. For added users who have more than one email address, please ensure that they are added with the appropriate email. Arnica will send an invitation directly to the specified email address inviting them to your organization.

User did not receive a welcome email?

If you have attempted to add a new user and they have not received an invitation email from Arnica, check that none of the following have occurred:

  • Ensure that the email did not land in the recipients spam or blocked emails folder

  • Ensure email is spelled correctly and is an exact match to the recipients email

  • Ensure that the user is not already a member of another Arnica org

If the user's email was used to create another organization within Arnica, they will be unable to join your org, and will not receive an email invitation. To join your org, the user will need to leave their current org, as each user can only belong to one at a time. If the new user has not received an invitation and none of the above apply, please reach out to Arnica for assistance. You can reach our team through the in-app chat bot or by emailing

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