Arnica operates as a Github App, which provides increased security, granular permissions, scalability, webhook support, and a better user experience compared to GitHub OAuth apps or personal access tokens.

Arnicaโ€™s Github App accesses customers' selected organizations and repositories to extract the necessary data and take remediation actions. The permissions justification can be found in the GitHub App Permissions page.

Scope considerations

The higher the visibility Arnica's GitHub app gets the more beneficial results you will see. For example, a complete visibility across all repositories is necessary to determine which accounts are inactive.

Upon a successful integration, Arnica operates in a read-only mode until it is configured to take actions. It means that the installation of the application across the organizations is safe and transparent to anyone on GitHub.

Required app installation permissions

Only organization owners are able to install GitHub Apps. If you are not an organization owner, an authorization request will be sent automatically by GitHub to the organization owner.

To see the proper integration in your Arnica tenant, please invite the organization owner to your Arnica tenant.

Installation process

  1. Login to Arnica.

  2. Navigate to the Integration page in the Admin menu section.

  3. Under the widget, click on Add. If you need to integrate a GitHub Enterprise Server, please click on the Add button and we will reach out to you to with the installation instructions.

  4. You will be redirected to GitHub's application installation page. Select the applicable organization.

Arnica supports an integration with organization accounts only. It means that integrations with personal accounts are prohibited.

  1. Select the desired scope and click on Install & Authorize.

  2. If you have the proper permission, the page will redirect to Arnica's app and show the kicked off jobs. Otherwise, please ensure you have an organization owner permission or the owner is invited to your tenant.

The application installation process needs to be applied per GitHub organization. If you have multiple organizations, please follow steps 2 to 6 above for each organization.

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