๐ŸšชJoining an Existing Org

Describes the process of joining an existing org within Arnica

Joining an Existing Org

To join an existing org within Arnica, you must be invited. Any member of the org can add new users by using the "Add Users" feature within the Users and Roles page.

Existing Users Joining An Existing Org:

Users are not permitted access to multiple Arnica Orgs. In order to join a new org, you must first delete your current org, or be invited using a new account and email. To delete the an account's current org follow the steps below:

  • Log into your existing account in Arnica

  • Click on your account icon in the upper right corner

  • Select the "Edit Account" Option

  • Click the "Delete" Option and confirm your selection by clicking "Yes I am sure"

This will remove your user from the org and will log you out. You can now be invited to another org. The invited user should not log back in until they have received an invitation via email. If the user does log back in, Arnica will automatically create a new org for them, and they will have to repeat the steps above to delete the org. Once the user has left their org and has received and email invite, the user should use the link provided within the invitation to log back into Arnica. Once logged in, the user will be a member of the org they have been invited to. The below screenshot shows where you can delete your existing org within Arnica:

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